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Jenet Erickson

Jenet Erickson

Jenet Erickson is a former Assistant Professor in the School of Family Life, at Brigham Young University, Utah. She has published a variety of peer-reviewed family related issues in Human RelationsJournal of Family IssuesJournal of Family Psychology, Family Relations, Early Child Development and Care, the Family and Consumer Research Journal, International Journal of Family Sociology, The Psychologist-Manager Journal, and Open Family Studies Journal.

Jenet has also published a variety of book chapters and commissioned reports, and has presented at the National Council on Family Relations Conference, the Utah Council on Family Relations, the Work-Life Summit,and the BYU Families and Work Research Conference.

Mike Erickson

Mike_EricksonMichael Erickson is an attorney in Salt Lake City, who worked extensively with California’s Proposition 8 during 2008. Michael and Jenet write a monthly editorial column for the Deseret News on issues related to the family. They are the parents of a two-year old daughter, and 4 month-old son.

Nicole Kay

Nichole KayNicole Kay is the 2012-2013 Executive Director of Students for the Family. She recently graduated from BYU with a research degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development (MS), along with a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) in Non-Profit Management. She previously worked with such organizations as The Heritage Foundation in Washington DC as a Research Fellow, and The National Organization for Marriage/The Ruth Institute as the Director of Programs and Outreach. While a student in her first masters degree, Nicole was the President of a student organization called Stand for the Family, which co-sponsored the first Students for the Family conference in March 2010.  She has planned, attended or spoken at many family issue conferences over the years.  She has extensive experience in student involvement, conference planning, and directing and managing programs.

Bill Duncan

Bill DuncanWilliam Duncan is director of the Marriage Law Foundation whose mission is providing legal resources in defense of marriage as the union of a husband and wife. He also directs the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy and the Center for Family and Society at the Sutherland Institute. He was formerly a visiting professor at the J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Law School at Brigham Young University and acting director of the Marriage Law Project at the Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America.

David Pruden

David C. PrudenDavid Pruden is the President of Evergreen International, a non-profit education and religious organization assisting Latter-day Saints experiencing same-sex attraction and is an adjunct faculty member at Utah State University in the department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development. In addition, he serves as Vice-President of Operations for the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality and is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Human Sexuality. David is an author and speaker on issues related to adolescent and young adult development. Active in community and church service, he is most proud of his three adult children and nine small grandchildren. He and his wife Ramona live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Shelly LockeShellyLocke

Shelly Locke sees the world through the eyes of Mothers.  She values Motherhood above all things, and shares her passion with the world at large as author, speaker, advocate.  She has just completed filming for her international documentary entitled “The Power of Mothers and Their Effect Upon the World” whose message highlights the irreplaceable contribution of Mothers in every society in which they live.  Shelly is the author of The Worldwide Motherhood Initiative and the Motherhood Manifesto, two powerful documents that bring the nations of the earth to bear, regarding the issues of our day, as they relate to Mothers.  Wherever Shelly is invited to speak throughout the world, her family administers humanitarian aid to the Mothers and children in the region, in dedication to the most significant role a woman can aspire to–that of Mother!

“For as the Mother goes, so goes the nation.” (S. D. Locke)

Karen TrifilettiKarenTrifiletti

Karen Trifiletti has worked in writing, training, and business management for 20 years.  She is currently the VP of content for the More Good Foundation, where she seeks to keep a pulse on the global religious conversation. She has also worked with United Families Utah and United Families International as lobbyist for pro-family legislation and policy improvement. She is a former freelance columnist for Meridian Magazine, and previously served with the Arbinger Institute family as a volunteer facilitator, relishing the work of C. Terry Warner, Duane Boyce and Jim Ferrell.
As a single parent, Karen understands that you don’t have to have the ideal family to believe in the ideal of the family. She is a passionate and articulate advocate for traditional marriage.

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