Society’s Most Critical Institution: Man + Woman Marriage

We were greatly affected by last week’s unforgettable “Celebration of Marriage” at the Utah State Capitol.
In true community spirit, Utahans from many faith traditions and walks of life came together to show support for marriage between a man and a woman. Even after setting up additional chairs, there were not enough seats for the nearly 400 supporters of traditional marriage who attended.Celebrate_Marriage_0001[1]

We were also joined by nearly 400 protestors who surrounded us in the Capitol Rotunda with posters and signs. Despite some initial tension, once the event began, they, with all of us, were in for a great experience. Emcees Alan and Suzanne Osmond were engaging, the entertainment was fabulous, and the speakers presented powerful and inspiring speeches on the importance of “traditional” or “natural” marriage. Highlights included 13-year-old Amelia Summerhays whose bold speech brought the house down, and country music star Nathan Osmond who led the entire audience in singing, “I’m proud to be an American.”
Thanks to our friends at the Sutherland Institute, these speeches are now available online. Please click on the links below and listen for yourself. You will be amazed and inspired!
On March 26, The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on California’s Proposition 8. Whether or not they overturn Prop 8, there are currently 9 states in our nation who legally recognize same-sex marriage.* The packed Utah State Capitol on March 26 assured that this issue is serious–and it is not going away!
Every human being must be treated with dignity and respect, but legally recognizing same-sex marriage puts the wants of adults over the needs of children. And anytime government does this, children suffer, and all of society suffers.
Each of us is a part of this conversation. Do you know how to defend marriage to your family, neighbors, and friends? These compelling speeches will inspire and empower you as you stand for society’s most critical institution–marriage between a man and a woman.

 Celebration of Marriage Speaker Quotes   and Links to Full Text of Speeches


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Reverend Gregory Johnson  “I also know that in our situation right now, our Capitol is filled with lots of opinions tonight, and lots of signs. Tonight we have to move forward with a greater attempt to show respect and convicted civility towards each other, from the gay community, and from the religious conservative community. . .  I want you to know that God loves every   person in this room. I believe that. And yet I do believe that He also has an ideal, and that’s what we’re here to celebrate–the ideal place for children and societies to be established and grown.” Click here to watch the video

13yr old says 13-year-old Amelia Summerhays “Whether you call it nature or God, each of us exists only through a mom and a dad. Every person has that exact same birthright. If ever I was ‘endowed by my Creator with   certain unalienable rights,’ this is it–to be born with a mom and dad. Why? Because it  is impossible to be born any other way. Traditional marriage is designed to protect this   inalienable right given by our Creator. When we redefine marriage, we begin to fight  against the inalienable rights of children.”  Click here to read full text Click here to watch the video
Dr. Jenet Erickson “When we celebrate marriage, we celebrate the rights and protection of the most  precious and vulnerable among us–our children. . . No child can defend these rights him or herself. It is we–as a society–who must ensure that marriage protects children by increasing the likelihood that they will be born to and raised by their own mother and father. . . The needs of children should not–must not–be divorced from marriage!  We do not have to be against anyone to be for marriage. And it is not discrimination to ensure that, as much as possible, a child be reared by his or her married mother and father….Much is being said in our society now about being on the “right side of history.” When we stand on the side of children, we cannot go wrong.”  Click here to read full text Click here to watch the video
Utah Governor Gary Herbert “I’m appreciative of my good wife, my family, I can tell you I live for Sunday’s which is the day that I’m able to go home and spend time with my family. It’s a chance for me to renew my batteries, recharge my commitment, have a better perspective as we get  outside of the arena of politics, and think about what’s important in our lives.”  Click here to watch the video
Utah Senator Margaret Dayton “Marriage and the family have been fundamental to our society since long before Utah’s Amendment 3 was passed. The traditional family has been the fundamental unit of society since before the constitution of this state was passed. Even before the Constitution of the United States was passed. . . In Amendment 3, Utah restated what  has been the historical pattern for centuries. Marriage is the way we make our future.  It’s the way we make the future happen. All Americans have the right and the freedom  to live they way they choose, but no one has the right to redefine marriage for the world.”  Click here to watch the video
Father Erik J. Richtsteig “Faith and reason are not enemies, but rather they work together to help reveal the   truth. And when we come to the truth, we see the very hand of God written not in extraordinary revelation, but in ordinary revelation which is creation. In creation we see the very hand of God. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and that fact is rooted in our nature, in how God made us. This is revealed not just in sacred scripture,  but by reason–what we in my faith tradition call the natural law. So that to believe in this does not mean that one has to share my faith or any faith, but simply recognize reality. Because only a man and a woman can come together and become one flesh… in a union… which brings new life into the world.”  Click here to watch the video
Utah Senator Stuart Reid “Of course, we are all obligated in our personal relationships with others to be compassionate and caring. . . . However that cannot be the motivation for drafting legislation and adjudicating the law. If society is to be preserved, legislation must be advanced or rejected and  upheld by the courts to protect its moral fiber, even if some, as grettable as it may be, have to suffer as a consequence. To do otherwise would ultimately harm many more  than would be helped. Where’s the ompassion in that? Indeed, as moral law has been compromised in our society, today we have the highest divorce rates ever (if couples  marry at all), increasing numbers of children born out of wedlock, millions of babies   aborted, generations of children swallowed up by welfare dependency, and overflowing prisons..”  Click here to watch the video



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