4 thoughts on “Celebration of Marriage – March Event

  1. A few years from now, you will be viewed as petty, ugly and small minded as people realize you were standing in the wrong side of history.
    Stuart Reid is an embarrassment to northern Utah. He’s a dishonorable man who gained public office through dishonest means.

    May you all rot in hell, subjected to music from the Osmonds and Orrin Hatch for all eternity.

  2. I agree with all of the feedback that has been given. I did not feel particularly safe, and I thought that the only reason things didn’t get violent was because the speakers themselves did such a great job of trying to create a feeling of respect, and find unity where they could. I only saw 2 officers, which would not have been nearly enough if something had gone wrong. I think they should have rules at the capitol about wearing costumes and masks that hide your identity. And surely there are public decency laws? I was also pretty disappointed in the speech made by Governor Herbert. But I thought the rest of the speakers were AMAZING! Thank you so much for organizing such a pleasant night. I thought it went really well, despite the antagonism.

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